About us

Founded in 2018 by Raoul Fossi, SkyVue Solutions started as a drone service provider based in Charlotte, North Carolina. Following market demand, it quickly evolved into a full digital documentation company.

We use drones and laser scanners to help companies capture images of areas with very limited accessibility in ways that are quicker, safer and of better quality than traditional methods. We also use advanced software to turn these images into qualitative and quantitative data to help companies make more data driven decision. Our ultimate goal is to improve companies’ efficiency and productivity.

In 2019, we were proud to open our first office in Douala, Cameroon. This office is the first of its kind in Africa and covers all of central and West Africa. We are proud to leaders in drone services and pioneers in digital documentation in the region.

Amongst our solutions are two powerful platforms. One for Tower maintenance, inspection, modeling and management solutions, and the other for construction management.