Get a comprehensive view of your construction site and track progress update with advanced collaboration, communication and analysis features.

Real Time Project Updates

We document every stage of construction projects to give access to unprecedented efficient work progress information available from everywhere in one click.

Enhanced Visibility On Work Progress

We keep a record of all critical phases of the project at any point during or post construction, this information remains reliable and is easily available.

Raw material estimation

Using our intelligent platform, we are able to accurate determine the amount of raw materials that has gone into any building at any given point in time.

Document more. Waste less.

Save time, improve communication, and reduce cost by using aerial and ground data to perform surveys, conduct inspections, and document every job site. Bringing full site documentation into one solution.


Real time project updates

  • Project summary on a dashboard

  • Detailed sites and floors plans

  • Timeline view of normal and 360° pictures


Enhanced visibility on work progress

  • Android and IOS app to Track your project’s progress, wherever you are.

  • Latests events on timetables (images, annotations and messages).

  • Unlimited events storage from start to end of project


Raw material estimation

  • Easily Define your standard consumption of construction types

  • Automated AI powered Calculation of raw material use for specific point on a timeline based on defined dimensions

  • Generate pdf Report of summary consumption of different kinds of material

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