Visit your jobsite from anywhere on any device

  • File management(images, videos, 3D, documents) : allow adding and deleting files.

  • Gallery: Display in grid and by date of the different images with the possibility of putting an image in front and sorting.

  • Project chronological monitoring: Display of the progress of the project in the form of a chronology of images taken in a chosen space.

Reduce Rework

With a single source of truth for your jobsite, chipping out concrete and needlessly poking holes in drywall is a thing of the past.

Increase Efficiency

Need to review a field condition on Level 3? Don’t waste 30 minutes walking back and forth, pull it on SkyVue solutions.

Reduce Risk

When your site is fully-captured and historically documented, validating delay claims and warranty issues is a snap.


  • gives your team instant access to a complete record of your construction project anytime, anywhere.

  • All medias of your project are available in inspection-grade detail, and indexed according to your project plans by location and date.

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