Oil & gas

We undertake external and internal inspections of cargo oil tanks and confined spaces.

Reduce risk

Reduce risk to workers and decrease costs for pipeline, tank, and storage terminal inspections

Save time

Ensure site compliance for refineries while increasing inspection efficiency and profitability

Enhance asset management

Maintain site awareness and ensure compliance in exploration, drilling, and well operation

Case study

SONARA fire loss assessment

Following an explosion at SONARA, Advanta Global (UK based insurance company) sent a team of loss adjusters to Cameroon to find the root cause of the explosion and assess the extent of the damages. They called upon us to assist them in the process.

We did inspections, 2D maps and 3D models of the blast zone that were used by remote teams to make analysis and measurements. That way, we gave them a single source of truth that helped them save almost 6 months of work and by reducing physical site visits avoid accidents and additional expenses.


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